Tuesday, January 12, 2016

4 Healthy Oils To Add To Your Dog's Diet by Andrew Daniels (very important news especially for dogs with immune issues or skin conditions....also, these oils will boost immunity.

By Andrew Daniels

Just like you, your dog may not be getting all the necessary nutrition he needs from eating his regular diet. While standard dog food can certainly come packed with plenty of essential nutrients, you can supplement your dog’s dietary regimen with certain healthy oils—jam packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids—to promote optimum heath. 

In this simple guide, we’ll show you how to pick these natural oils for dogs, and offer best practices and feeding tips.

What are the healthiest oils for dogs?

Fish oil: Fish oil contains EPA and DHA, omega-3 fatty acids that help arthritis, and also has some anti-cancer effects, says Nancy Scanlan, DVM, CVA, MSFP, and executive director of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation. Fish oil can also improve your dog’s memory.

“The primary reason I recommend fish-oil based omega-3 fatty aids is to yield a natural anti-inflammatory effect that can help reduce overall inflammation in the body and potentially decrease my patients’ reliance on medications aimed at reducing inflammation and pain,” says Dr. Patrick Mahaney, VMD, CVA, CVJ, and a certified veterinary acupuncturist with California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness (CPAW).

Krill oil: While fish oil usually comes from fish higher on the food chain, like salmon, krill oil hails from tiny shrimp-like organisms that rank a little lower. This makes krill oil less likely to be contaminated with mercury, Dr. Scanlan says. It also contains EPA and DHA, and will help give your pet healthier joints and skin, in addition to other benefits.

“All dogs are omnivores that lean towards the carnivorous side, so they best absorb non-vegetarian-based oils like fish and krill,” explains Dr. Mahaney.

Coconut oil: Extra-virgin coconut oil has become a popular choice for humans because it’s a healthier alternative to more processed saturated and trans fats, and the same applies to dogs. Coconut oil has also been shown to help dogs lose weight, give them more energy, and offer relief to dry skin. Bonus: It will help improve your dog’s bad breath!

Flaxseed oil: This oil is high in alpha linolenic omega-3s, which puts it in the same ballpark as wild fish when it comes to boosting heart health. Like many of the other healthy oils, flaxseed oil also helps with mobility for arthritic dogs, and can aid inblood pressure and kidney function.

How can I serve my dogs healthy oils?

Most oils come in either capsule form or free oil. “But a jar of oil, once opened and exposed to the air, can become rancid—so capsules are usually a better way to go,” says Dr. Scanlan.

However, it could depend on your dog’s taste preferences. “Hearty-eating dogs may readily consume a capsule or allotted portion of liquid out of their food,” says Dr. Mahaney. Most liquid oils mix best with moist food, but you can still pour them over dry food like kibble, he adds.

Capsules also tend to best be consumed out of moist food. “Pets that are unwilling to consume the capsule may take it in liquid form if the capsule is pierced, squeezed, and mixed into the moist food or a soft treat,” Dr. Mahaney says.

Do these oils have any negative effects for dogs?

Too much of any oil can cause weight gain, says Dr. Scanlan. “A large dose of oil all at once can cause pancreatis in a susceptible individual—especially if they are fat,” she adds.

Too much oil can also lead to a vitamin E deficiency if you don’t properly supplement with some additional vitamin E.

Fish oil can prolong the time it takes blood to clot, so if your pet is going to have surgery, it’s best to stop the oil for at least five days before and five days after the operation, Dr. Scanlan says.

What’s the best way to tell quality when looking for these oils?

Companies that have the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) seal are required to show that their products have been tested in labs to have the right kind and amount of oil in each capsule, says Dr. Scanlan. Look for this seal.

How do I know if oils are right for my dog?

If your dog is consuming a commercially available pet food and is suffering from skin conditions (like skin flaking or a dull coat), inflammation diseases (such as arthritis and cancer), or organ system damage, then talk to your vet about potentially adding oils that are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 nutrients to your dog’s diet, says Dr. Mahaney.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

SAVING BELLA UPDATE: Bella's seizures have stopped...

we don't know why or how except to say she's in a new living space away from the floor she's clawed at, seems like she KNEW and we mere humans couldn't figure it out.  Her last seizure was 3 months ago. She's happy and healthy, itchy, but a soothing bath does the trick and we can never ever discount the services of Eva Armfield, DVM a holistic vet whose intervention helped so much. All of you folks looking for another approach, see Dr. Eva at Patchogue Animal Hospital...no more unnecessary vaccines...titers instead, Bud and Bella did not need vaccines this year. Both dogs are doing well, Bella is now 3, Buddy will be 3 in November and I could never thank TEAM BELLA...our Saving Bella FB site has been taken down by FB because we need to transform it into a "cause site" and we will. Saving Bella became possible because of a YIN based group of animal lovers in Florida and here in NY, from vets to pet shop owners, from strangers to friends, from the Goddess to music to
a ton of love, clothes, a pillow to sleep on and wonderful people who decided to help her live.

thank you

some transformation, right?

Monday, August 3, 2015

a major breakthrough for Buddy and Bella comes when we meet Dr. Eva Armfield of Patchoque Animal Hospital in Suffolk County, NY

It was a fluke that Dr. Armfield and I met. I was simply crossing Northern Blvd in Queens when I saw a vet was new to the block. Honestly, Bella's seizures were always on my mind and how I could use non traditional therapies to avoid medication. That day I saw Dr. Armfield's location, my first thoughts ere, "Oh my goodness, the Universe has brought me the answer!" There was no sign on the building that said she was a holistic vet, just a hunch.

I entered and there stood this lovely woman who just happened to be Dr. Armfield. I asked her if she was holistic and she said she was. Imagine my surprise and I am used to things like this but I always revel in the Universe's endless surprises and its benevolence in helping me solve complex issues by having the right person at the right place....enter stage right, Eva Armfield, DVM.

She helped resolve numerous issues for both Bella and Buddy always using care and caution, no vaccinations without titers so if you are concerned about endless vaccine's and the damage they do your pets immune system, Dr. Armfield is the right vet for you. Neither Buddy or Bella required vaccines this year, except, of course, rabies to comply with the law. Bella is taking an herbal product which has helped her avoid phenobarbital. Bella is an exceptional dog, truly, she is a fine judge of character and she loves Dr. Armfield. Who could help it?

This is a woman who loves animals, has compassion for them, is not looking to rip anyone off with an array of tests, unneeded vaccines, expensive medications, etc. This is a woman who is an old fashioned type of vet who places care of her patients first using great care and caution about their wellness and owners bank accounts. Her fees are so realistic and pet owner friendly. Her
love for the critters? Unmistakable!

Though I met Dr. Armfield in Queens, she is now  the new owner of the Patchogue Animal Hospital, a quaint and cute cottage on Medford Ave in Patchogue in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. If you live in the tri-state area and need someone who thinks outside of the traditional box and will see your pet in many was Eva Armfield, DVM is someone you should consider. Dr. Armfield is located at:

Patchogue Animal Hospital
214 Medford Ave.
Phone: (631) 475-5110
Clinic Hours:
Monday: 9am – 6pm
Tuesday: 9am – 6pm
Wednesday: 9am – 12pm
Thursday: 9am – 6pm
Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 12pm

I am told she grew up in New York always having dogs and cats as pets and being inspired to be a veterinarian. Working as a veterinary assistant in undergraduate college (University of Rochester) and then veterinary school  she earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Armfield graduated from the Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008 then attending the Chi Institute and became a certified veterinary acupuncturist. Dr. Armfield later became trained in holistic medicine and herbal treatment at the Chi Institute. Dr. Armfield is also a certified Stem Cell therapist. Her training allows her to provide alternative treatment to her patients in addition to traditional veterinary medicine.

To those who have a bait dog, a pet facing unusual and complex issues, those needing alternative and adjunct vet care along with traditional vet car, your prayers have been answered just like ours. Call Dr. Armfield for a special approach to holistic and alternative pet centered vet care along with all the traditional care and something really unusual in this world of ours...a vet that really cares about you and your pet and places you pets' welfare above anything else.

She's a cautious practitioner, one who prefers over the counter medications when possible, incredibly refreshing, thorough, caring and so very knowledgeable, so diverse in her approach and one of the sweetest, most loving people you could ever meet. Bella rates her #1 and Bella has seen plenty of vets but no phenobarbital fore seizures? AMAZING thanks to Chinese herbs!

Dr. Eva Armfield is THE ONE! Call her at (631) 475-5110 and tell her Bella and Irene sent you.

tell her Bella sent you :-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bella, found at 8 weeks old, fractured skull, blind in one eye, spinal fluid leaking through her cracked skull, backside ripped off, a few bite marks, weighing 8 lbs and 8 weeks old; they said she probably would not live, please see her lying in a stupor on a pink blanket below; note the swelling in the skull:

It took weeks to find out the balance that would do what the Blue Pearl Vet Center in Forest Hills recommended: GAIN WEIGHT AND GROW FAST. We turned everything including water into a source of nutrition by adding water from boiling chicken for chicken salad...we got the chicken, she got the water. We consulted with an expert on what to feed her, we added raw ingredients slowly and within a month Bella had gained a whopping 16 pounds. Her skull healing as she grew. Bait puppies have special physical, emotional and spiritual needs; it would appear that the more injured the puppy the less emotional trauma; seemingly that energy is consumed in healing. Bella loves music. It helped. She loves the feel of sensual soft fabric, she loved having her torn up butt lightly sprayed with warm water for hydro-therapy and to keep her feces-free, there was damage to her outer rectum from skidding across pavement, the vet believed she was hit by a car or thrown from one. I held her 30 minutes 6 times a day, I sang to her, I played low impact games with her like using pieces of kibble to shoot across the floor which she chased and ate. Saving a bait puppy is hard work, its creative work, its heavy duty research into nutrients, its building a team, its prayer, its a challenge but its worth it. If you have a recovering animal and need help from my Saving Bella Team, please contact me through this blog and I will put you in touch with a Reiki master that sent Reiki to Bella. And it made a huge difference. Television's Dr. Oz recommends all heart patients have Reiki before, during and after heart surgery. Dr. Larry Dossey, an Austin, TX internist prays for his patients every day. He's author of Healing Words and has scientifically proven PRAYER WORKS. Prayer, Reiki, creativity, etc., saved Bella. Saving Bella is ongoing as she has epilepsy and we have been successful without using tradition vet medicine in reducing seizures so far. We'll be sharing this info when we collect enough data to make an impactful point. Please consult your vet for all your pets needs. Bella has overcome mange, allergies, fractured skull, blindness, digestive issues, nutrient issues, etc. in record time by using mainstream vet care and alternative / adjunct modalities! Here's Bella now at age 2
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

learning to understand dogs suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, all bait dogs suffer from this depending on the scope of injuries and its just as real as people PTSD

Both Bella and Buddy have issues....physical issues and emotional issues that stem from their injuries and more: 1) genetic disorders: truthfully, many bait pups come from back yard breeders where they are bred to be disposable surrendered to horrible deaths as bait. Because of interbreeding there may be any number of biological disorders that are passed down. Bella had a nutrition issue and allergies which were finally resolved with fish oil, digestive enzymes, probiotics and spirulina. 2) PTSD: example: Buddy weighing 2 lbs was apparently fed to a fighting dog in training. He was bitten, his ears were shredded and he had several deep puncture wounds on his neck, back and on a hind leg. Now at 90 lbs he finds the world a terrifying place to live. He's a lap dog and a growler and he has fear aggression. He has not bitten anyone nor nipped. He responds to his fear by growling, snarling and, eventually, running to hide in his crate. He will not walk on a leash further than 1/2 block from where he lives. If he is taken for a car rise he will not allow the vehicle to get out of his sight. The little cottage he lives in has been his refuge while fighting for his life. Its all he knows and the world is a very scary place for him. Bait dogs often don't trust the world around them. This fear detracts from Buddy's quality of life. He's Daddy's boy and without Daddy he is still basically a whimpering, whining, injured 2lb puppy of age 3 weeks without a mother and having only a human to care for him. 3) Life altering injuries: Bella was found with a fractured skull, she is blind in one eye, had a horrible injury on her backside from a suspected hit by a car after she was dumped on the north shore of Long Island. She now has epilepsy from brain trauma. We know of 3 bait puppies tossed in the streets on the north shore. Bella and Buddy are two, the other was hit by a car and dyed in the arms of the person that picked him up. Buddy has physical scars, emotional ones and a digestive system issue with some regurgitation of food sporadically. Over the counter stomach acid pills have helped a lot but it is something that's still in progress of receiving proper care. 4) Large vet bills: attachment to a bait dog usually results in vet bills for any number of issues. We have not conquered this issue totally but we certainly advise those having a bait animal to get a page on Facebook and merge interests with various animal rescuers. We would not have been able to save Buddy and Bella without the help of strangers from Facebook. 5) If you find a bait puppy, and want to save its life, please ask the vet to help you save the life of the puppy by helping with lowering fees. If you have an established vet, that will work better, but, it cannot hurt to ask. We tried to find a nursing mother for Buddy by calling rescues. No one wanted him, he was running a fever, he was so hungry and he was injured. He needed a prescription dog food.....what would you do? Right, what can you do? Buddy will be 2 in November. Bait puppies on Long Island, Bella and Buddy, fortunately won a years supply of dog food which really helped while the vet bills were steep.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bella and Buddy, injured bait puppies found on Long Island, at one year old after months of illness, post traumatic stress disorder, many vet visits, research, probiotics, fish oil, vitamind D and E, a long haul but worth it

Here they are with Dad being micro-chipped at Pet Supplies Plus in Nassau County, NY. Pet Supplies Plus has a very friendly price for those concerned with their dogs being lost or stolen. Chipped for only $10 per dog!
Birthday portrait of bait puppies now healing and one year old
Lovely Bella, what a charmer, a celebrity already as her fans cheer her on her walk, A recovering bait puppy found on Long Island, hit by a car, blind in her right eye, bitten, terrible wound on her back side leaking feces for weeks. She was 8 weeks old and weighed 8 lbs. The cure for her fractured skull? Vets said make her grow as fast as possible to stop the leaking spinal fluid from seeping between her skin and her skull...that's what began this pursuit of looking into nutrition. Bella gained 14 pounds in 30 days and while her skull is deformed, she's normal though both Buddy and Bella have the scars of abuse from being bait puppies for dog fighting dogs in training. REPORT DOG FIGHTING...where you find torn up puppies, there is a dog fighting ring in the area.
Beautiful Buddy today at one yr old. Bait puppy weight 2 lbs taken away from his mother at 2 weeks old and used as bait then discarded in the streets as many bait puppies are and some in some very affluent neighborhoods. He was found near death, 2 weeks old, starving, bitten with deep puncture wounds and neck...the scars are still there physically and emotionally. He was bottle fed and today he is a clumsy, goofy, funny, enthusiastic lab pit mix weighing nearly 70 lbs