Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bella and Buddy, injured bait puppies found on Long Island, at one year old after months of illness, post traumatic stress disorder, many vet visits, research, probiotics, fish oil, vitamind D and E, a long haul but worth it

Here they are with Dad being micro-chipped at Pet Supplies Plus in Nassau County, NY. Pet Supplies Plus has a very friendly price for those concerned with their dogs being lost or stolen. Chipped for only $10 per dog!
Birthday portrait of bait puppies now healing and one year old
Lovely Bella, what a charmer, a celebrity already as her fans cheer her on her walk, A recovering bait puppy found on Long Island, hit by a car, blind in her right eye, bitten, terrible wound on her back side leaking feces for weeks. She was 8 weeks old and weighed 8 lbs. The cure for her fractured skull? Vets said make her grow as fast as possible to stop the leaking spinal fluid from seeping between her skin and her skull...that's what began this pursuit of looking into nutrition. Bella gained 14 pounds in 30 days and while her skull is deformed, she's normal though both Buddy and Bella have the scars of abuse from being bait puppies for dog fighting dogs in training. REPORT DOG FIGHTING...where you find torn up puppies, there is a dog fighting ring in the area.
Beautiful Buddy today at one yr old. Bait puppy weight 2 lbs taken away from his mother at 2 weeks old and used as bait then discarded in the streets as many bait puppies are and some in some very affluent neighborhoods. He was found near death, 2 weeks old, starving, bitten with deep puncture wounds and neck...the scars are still there physically and emotionally. He was bottle fed and today he is a clumsy, goofy, funny, enthusiastic lab pit mix weighing nearly 70 lbs

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